What’s Your Cover Story?


Have you ever had a Favorite Book, and then you see new Cover art for it and it’s all wrong?

Or the opposite scenario, it’s so amazingly brilliant you have to have it?

At one time, I had over 50 copies of a Sand County Almanac. I taught from it. I grew up a few short miles from the ‘Shack’ it was written in and about. Those 3 versions may not look very different. But they are to me. My 1st experience of the book was with the middle version.

Whenever I had the choice of picking up a copy, that’s what I always gravitated towards. The words inside are the same. But my experience of that book, my relationship is with that middle cover. It is an old and very dear trusted friend. Those words can pull me out of any disaster my mind might have created around some ‘catastrophic’ event. Instantly.

It’s like a steaming cup of coffee and a warm fuzzy blanket. Total comfort.

First Impressions are powerful.

And now, LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature that allows us another opportunity to create a great first impression with people that visit your profile. Another chance for Professional Branding.

Cover Story

If you have known me for any length of time, you know I rarely get excited about new LinkedIn features. Very few are useful and I’ve become quite jaded, I admit. LinkedIn would need to do something spectacular at this point for me to even raise an eyebrow.

This is at least worth a look. Decide for yourself if it’s something you want to try. I think this one at least has some potential. (might be another fad)

Creator Mode is a total dud in my opinion. I have been watching the profiles of all my SMM(Social Media Management) clients and have seen NO Significant difference in the volume of views, search appearances, or anything else past week 1. Failed to Deliver – again. It’s possible the quality of views and search appearances have increased, but not the quantity.

What is it?

Cover Story is a 20 – 30 second video you can add to your profile via mobile. If someone visits your profile, either on desktop or mobile, they can see your video if they hover over your profile photo.

Best Use

  1. Thank visitors for stopping by your profile
  2. Direct them to something of interest to them
  3. Introduce yourself and your services
  4. Why / how are you unique?

Here is the link to LinkedIn’s explanation –

LinkedIn’s Explanation of Cover Story

If you would like to see a whole bunch of examples, here’s a 6+ minute video –

Examples of Cover Story

Here’s a rough outline for a script

Hi! I’m _________. I help (your ideal client) get (their desired result) with (this magic thing you do, system, program…) If you are ready to kiss (client pain #1) goodbye and start experiencing (their dream result) let’s talk about (CTA).

Mention things that are unique about your approach, use words and phrases specific to you, add something personal or your why.

You can get a lot into 30 seconds if you plan it out. But relax, give them a sense of calm confidence, don’t race to get in a lot of info.

And that’s it! You will be able to upload, from your phone, the latest of the bells and whistles LinkedIn has to offer. Record it on your phone so you can do several takes until you get it right. As opposed to the live recording directly to LI. That’s a one-take shot.

Do I have one yet?

No, but I will. Me and video… Yikes!

This one needs to be just right, right background, friendly but professional, inviting, peaks interest.

I encourage you, if you aren’t video phobic, to give this a shot. It is a great opportunity. Another chance for relationship building and branding. Write a great script, practice and tweak, try to get it done in 3 takes.

Is your Cover Story something that grabs me like a great book cover? Is it memorable? Will it leave a great first impression and start a relationship? Will it impress your Ideal Client?

Good Luck! and please, let me know when you add it to your profile! I want to celebrate with you!

Below, I am adding a bunch of randomness. If you are interested in VideoSocials, if you attended the Master Class last week, or if you would like to schedule a Strategy Session, do check out the various topics below.

Have a super week!

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