What is Abundance?

Mindful Monday

What does Abundance mean to you – personally and professionally?

There is a lot of striving for and talking about Abundance. We can strive all year long and until we define it, what are we striving for?

Abundance is not descriptive or measurable. More than enough to support us and our purpose – is one definition I have heard. But one person’s ‘more than enough’ and another’s may vary greatly.

Those who tend towards lack and limitation thinking as I sometimes do, seem to exist in a state of ‘never enough’. We constantly want more to prove the principle of abundance or to feel ‘safe’.

And many are not comfortable naming what they want. “Well, what if I don’t get it? I don’t want to be disappointed or ungrateful.”

Name what you want. “This or something better…” insures that you cannot ask for the wrong thing. Whatever shows up is perfect. It has a lesson to teach, joy to bring and should be celebrated. In every moment, we are perfectly cared for.

Gratitude directs the flow. If we are in a state of “must get more, must get more” rather than gratitude, we are in a place of distrust, hurt, not enough.

Name what you want and strive for it. Tell others. Everything comes to us through others. Be Grateful. You can’t do it ‘wrong’. This or something better. We can serve better from happiness, satisfaction, more than enough. Define what you want. Ask for it. Expect it to show up. Look for it. Acknowledge it. Celebrate it. Share it.

Serve well this week and name your dreams!

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