Time to massively shift gears…

Steering wheel

I learned how to drive a car when I was 9. Does anybody remember “3 in the tree”? Grandma Celia was afraid Grandpa Carl would have a heart attack and not make it to the hospital. So… since I was constantly with my grampa, I learned how to drive. Perfect solution!

He loved big beautiful cars. As an immigrant and really no formal education, it was important to him. Chevy Bel Air. Not many farmers in Baraboo, WI. had one. I got to drive one. Everywhere.

The truth is, the man could do math in his head like a computer, tell how many board feet you need for a floor, tell you how many acres of each crop we needed and never make a mistake. He was my hero.

Shifting from the pandemic to what this summer is going to be like, feels like a seismic shifting of gears. It’s freaky to see people at the farmer’s market without masks. I saw 2 people hug tightly at the bank today. First time I have physically been to the bank since last February.

What do you think this summer will be like? 

I think it will be like the last day of Elementary School. Run and don’t look back. And, now you’re all that – going into Middle School and all.

Travel, vacations, weddings, family reunions ~ bustin’ loose. Screw work and the lockdown.

Run like someone left the gate open. 

So, I am not offering any 6-week courses over the summer. Who can commit? Why should we? I will bring them back again in the fall.

The next Master Class is July 28th @ 9:00. How do you feel about your pricing? I’m always questioning mine. Patty Block will share her wisdom and secrets.

The LinkedIn 10 Day Challenge and the LinkedIn Profile Assessment will be offered all summer.

The Challenge is now On-Demand. You can sign-up anytime. It will begin the Monday following purchase. Great way to jump-start Digital Business Development.

The Assessment is all about Professional Branding and Profile Optimization. If you want to know what to do with your profile to attract your Ideal Audience, it’s the fire hose version.

Other random and useful things:

I have 2 classes going on right now and we are doing some amazing work. In the 90-second video scripts class, we worked on “hooks” last week. You must capture their attention in the first 8 seconds.

Attendtion span graphic

In the Lead Generation class last week we talked about the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve and how to use that best for the timing of exit drips.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Super fun stuff!

I hope you can put it to good use in your world!

For my latest 3-minute video about the power of your Origin Story – click here. 

⭐  Have a stellar week!  ⭐

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Angela Dunz is the Introvert’s Guide to LinkedIn, helping people who feel awkward about self-promotion become confident and effective. Her mission is to shift the idea of self-promotion to one of service. She has been working with Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses for 8 years as a LinkedIn Consultant, Coach, Sales Trainer, and Social Media strategist. She considers herself an “Accidental Entrepreneur” having moved to the Bay area with the goal of becoming a Marketing Director with her shiny new MBA. She frequently speaks to Women’s Leadership and Mentorship groups about stepping into the world more intentionally. A former high school rodeo champion and rock climbing guide, always an NFL fan (go Packers!), and author of Conversations with Skunks.

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