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With Angela Dunz and the full-service coaching opportunities available at Cowgirl Creative- we can get your social media accounts working in your favor! We can get you in the right mindset, supply you with the appropriate strategy needed, and help you execute your action plan flawlessly. To find out more about our coaching services, continue reading below.

“Not only does Angela know LinkedIn inside and out, she knows how to guide you painlessly through taming it and making it a positive and profitable part of your business. I always knew LinkedIn was a huge opportunity that I was leaving there on the table. It feels fantastic to be picking that opportunity up with confidence and clarity. I couldn’t have a better guide!”

Scott Bowman

Master Classes

Master Classes are 90-minutes and are offered every month. Each includes 20 minutes of Live Q & A, the recording, worksheets or scripts, follow up with resources mentioned in the session as well as additional videos to answer advanced questions.

Current Master Classes:

Upcoming Offerings:

  • Mapping LinkedIn Strategy to Your Target Audience
  • Winning Messaging Sequences
  • Advanced Content Course
  • Shifting to a Value-Based Pricing Model (Wednesday, July 28th @ 9:00 Pacific)
  • Create Lead Magnets that Work (Wednesday, August 11th @ 9:00 Pacific)
  • Shifting Your Brain’s Hardwiring Towards Positivity (Tuesday, September 14th @ 9:00 Pacific)

Coaching Packages

What is your goal for LinkedIn?

  • To be found for the right opportunities?
  • Build a network highly concentrated with Ideal Clients & a continuous pipeline?
  • Establish your self as a Thought Leader?
  • Create an unforgettable Brand & High Visibility?
  • A platform for your book or speaking career?
  • Are you transitioning to coaching/consulting and you don’t know where or how to start?

Coaching packages are highly customized to your specific needs. They begin with a 30-minute Initial Consultation. From there, we create your custom package with specific elements and outcomes.

Packages range from $750 – $4,500.

Also Available:

  • Biz Dev Mastermind Groups
  • Quarterly LinkedIn Update Package
  • Half & Full Day Personal V.I.P. Deep Dive Sessions

Sales Training

Become a seasoned veteran in entrepreneurship! Become a better salesperson today.

Public Speaking

Do you have difficulty in situations where you must speak in front of others? Learn how to overcome your fears and excel in public speaking.

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