Lead Magnet Blues


On Target? or Epic Fail?

Have you ever downloaded a PDF or some other kind of Lead Magnet you had high expectations for, only to read it and question, “Is that really it?! Wow. What a colossus waste of my time!”

I have been collecting Lead Magnets lately. I want to know what is out there in the marketplace. And, I have been horribly disappointed.

The worst was a 2 page PDF “worksheet & checklist” for creating a Lead Magnet. I was dumb-struck. Anyone could have done a better job.

What did that just do for their business?

The marketing landscape is ultra-competitive, over-saturated, and pretty savvy. So, OUCH! You just destroyed your reputation in a marketplace very focused on value add.

Are you using or thinking of using a Lead Magnet in the next 6 months?

More time goes into the planning than into the creation. And, 600 things can go wrong. I am going to highlight a few. The second week in January, I will launch the year teaching my Lead Gen Course.

What usually goes wrong?

  1. Way too broad Target Audience. You can not please everyone. Focus on a small group you know well. The Cure – Create more than one Lead Magnet. Do market research to find out what actually has value for each audience. Personalize.
  2. Total Lack of focus. “Kitchen Sink” Infographics. Of course, the info you have is great. It’s best not to cram it all into one comprehensive, one size fits all Lead Magnet. The Cure – Hyperfocus and simplicity. Just one small part of the puzzle is very well developed. Entry Level.
  3. No Urgency or Value. We often tell people what we think they should know – not what they want to know. The Cure – Ask more questions. Understand their most painful pain points and their secret desires. Speak to that.
  4. Doesn’t solve the immediate problem. I have seen so many infographics that are fantastic. But, they are more of a summation of your entire services. More suitable to give as a parting gift so they remember what to do and have the “cliff notes” to do it with. The Cure – focus on the entry-level problem and its immediacy. Not the endpoint and all desired results.
  5. Other Common Pitfalls – Visuals are too complex, too crowded, Boring title, too generic, poor promotion, and no plan to get it visible by the right audience…

A Lead Magnet is an Invitation into your world and your fantastic services. 

Whom do you want in your world? Whom do you want to work with? On what? What is their situation?

You don’t want everyone. Just the right ones.

Your Lead Magnet is their first impression of you. Their first experience of your services and solutions.

Will your Lead Magnet lead them gently down the path to Know, Like, Trust & Purchase?

It must be aligned with your services, your brand, and your style of delivery. Be consistent.

But do you want to know the #1 Pitfall is for Lead Magnets? 

Let’s just say you created the Perfect Lead Magnet. The perfect Landing page and promo, built a great campaign to get in front of new people in your Ideal Audience, you have the perfect delivery system and exit drip.

They love you. They are so grateful. They are curious about working with you.

And, they look at your LinkedIn Profile to find a calendar link. And your profile is confusing, it doesn’t speak to them personally, they can’t figure out what your services are, there is no CTA, or link to the website…

Your Professional Branding is a mess. And you lose them.

Where did all those new people go?

Confusion doesn’t convert. 

A clear simple message and focus on your Ideal Audience, strong visual and verbal branding, consistency between Profile and Website, clear instructions on what the next step is – that converts.

Strong Professional Branding is Currency. 

In a perfect world, your LinkedIn Profile would:

  1. establish trust and credibility
  2. provide some interesting personalization so people relate to you
  3. drive traffic to a calendar link, web page, landing page, or signup page

All the Lead Magnets in California will not cure bad branding. Or help you grow your business.

Who are you?

What are your values?

Whom do you serve?

What problem do you solve? How?

What results will people enjoy?

What is your extra special something something?

Generic is the kiss of death. 

Don’t underestimate good branding. It makes everything easier. Fail to take care of basics and your business will continually struggle. None of us wants to or deserves to work that hard to make a sale.

Do you want high ticket sales? Won’t happen consistently without some great branding and great visibility.

Strong Brands Convert ~ Weak Brands Confuse

I amplify Intentional Businesses so they can change the world. I help you find your Freak Flag and Fly it at Full Mast. Do you want to be a LinkedIn Badass and change the world?

Welcome! Let’s get busy!

Have a great week!

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