Is Mindfulness here to stay?

Mindful Monday

I read an article last week that debated if mindfulness in the workplace is real or fad.

We each make choices regarding what works for us and what doesn’t.

For me it is an easy choice. Mindfulness works.

It is a practice, not a quick fix. So, for many in our immediate gratification culture, it is a fad. I am in it for the long haul. I commit to it more each year. As I watch myself lose weight, have fewer headaches and get rid of the ones I do get, quicker and without ibuprofen. I smile more and the smiles are deeper, more real.

I have lived a stressful life. Turning to mindfulness is like turning around the Titanic. I am so much happier and healthier. Here’s the real advantage – I sleep 10X’s better. The things that used to derail me, no longer do. I am rarely disappointed. My relationships are so much deeper and more satisfying. Especially with family.

There are many things that can cause stress for entrepreneurs. I choose to be creative and productive. Stress kills both. Mindfulness is the practice that keeps me working creatively and productively as I build my business. As a public speaker, I have no room for excessive stress.

This week, try taking 5 minutes in the morning and before you fall asleep to just pay attention to your breathing. Be grateful for all you have. For the lessons the day provided. 5 minutes.

We all make our own choices. For me, Mindfulness is an essential part of who I am. It is a practice and I will follow where it leads.

Have a great week!

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Angela Dunz is a LinkedIn Consultant, Strategist, Author and Public Speaker. She has a very creative and dynamic approach to using LinkedIn. Anyone can throw up a profile. What matters is how you use it and what it says about you. She believes without a strategy, you are just doing more busy work. Who has time for that? She has also written and contributed to curricula for Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers at the Renaissance Center, YWCA and Marin Professionals. Workshops include: Co Generational Communication and Collaboration in the Workplace, Negotiation Skills to Improve your Business and Life, The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make on LinkedIn (and How to Fix Them) and Lead Generation on LinkedIn in 15 Minutes a Day. . Angela is very active speaking around the Bay area on LinkedIn, Social Selling and Alternative Leadership Styles.

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