Do you have a Company Page?

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A little over 80% of the coaches & consultants I work with do not have a company page. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. Especially since LinkedIn is focused on building up the features of what they call “pages”.

Why do you need a company page?


How do you get your Company Page?


From the charcoal-colored toolbar from your home feed, go to the grid symbol illustrated above. Scroll all the way down to the bottom to select “Create a Company Page”. The video below shows how to get started.

What do you do with your Company Page?

Add 3 or more excellent resources that add value for your Target Audience. The top post can be pinned so people can easily find registration info for upcoming events, your latest video or blog. Info-graphics, links to landing pages, a photo from your last workshop or speaking event, a podcast you were the guest on, all allow your prospects to get to know you on their terms.

It takes 10 – 15 minutes to throw together a Company Page if you have your logo and some great resources readily available. What might slow you down is the banner. It is a very long skinny awkward size to work with. Don’t waste too much time on it, and try to repurpose something from your website or other promotional materials. The benefits are more than worth the time and effort you invest in building your Company Page. The SEO alone is a huge plus.

Just like Business Pages on FB, who has time to create a following for your Company Page. Add a few great resources, your branding and keywords, and be done with it. Please call me and share your success stories if your profile views and website visits increase! My # is in my contact info on my profile. Is yours?

Angela Dunz

Angela Dunz is the Introvert’s guide to LinkedIn. Do you feel awkward about self-promotion? Would you like to be comfortable on LinkedIn and effectively reach your target audience?

Angela works with Coaches & Consultants to refine their personal brand, expand their influence and increase opportunity. Her 10 Day Challenge has helped over 100 Entrepreneurs since October 2019, completely transform their businesses and the way they use LinkedIn. (Check out the Challenge here – She has been working for 7 years as a LinkedIn Consultant, Sales Coach, Trainer, and Social Media strategist. She has been labeled the #LinkedInBadass by several of her clients.

A former high school rodeo champion, Angela is also a hiker, world traveler, author, and NFL fan (Go Pack!). Watch for her upcoming book, Conversations with Skunks.

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