Creating an Out of Office Message that Books Appointments


Let’s just establish that most OOO messages are super lame

(if you’ve seen a really good one, forward it to me. I’d love to see it!)

Wouldn’t it be cool if yours was fun, and created connection, and booked appointments for you while you’re gone?

If you have participated in my 10-Day LinkedIn Challenge, one of the bonuses is a lesson on creating an Out of Office message that –

  1. Books appointments for you
  2. Sends people to a Landing Page for a resource
  3. Signs people up for your next webinar or class
  4. Redirects to your website or LinkedIn Profile
  5. All of the above

This summer, we all need a break. Life has been stressful. I think we are all a little more forgiving of people taking off as much time as they can.

So #1, Absolve yourself of all guilt when you block those days off your calendar and begin planning.

Disconnect completely. Guilt-free

How do you alleviate people feeling abandoned while you are MIA?

Entertain them. Inform them. Provide a resource for them. And, give them something proactive to do.

A great OOO message does ALL of that. It takes some time to craft a really good one. But, if your calendar is full and people are more deeply engaged with you because of the ice you broke with your message? Worth all the effort.

All the worksheets for the 10-Day Challenge have been updated (yes, again). So you will be seeing the new improved version. Thank you Emily! 

If you need to provide alternatives for people while you are gone, for example – if you are a therapist and need to suggest whom to get a hold of in case of a personal emergency – do set that up and outline clear instructions for that as well.

Direct Message me for the worksheet and find out how to create your killer OOO message! 

Enjoy whatever time away you can! Go get some sand between your toes!

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