Conversations with Yourself

Dear 2020

What the bleep has just happened here?

How many times will we be punched in the face?

What else have you got, 2020?

Pandemic Burnout, Crisis Apathy, Disaster Desensitization… Have you suffered from it? I think we all have.

Let it go. Or, it will steal your energy, inspiration, and creativity.

It is time to move on and back to business. Who cares about “Normal” anymore? We’ll make it up as we go. We’ve been wingin’ it since March anyway.

“Let the disappointments pass

Let the laughter fill your glass 🥂

Let the illusions last until they shatter ….

and, Take good care of each other. “

~ Jackson Browne, from The Only Child

Take good care of each other…   Take care of yourself first. 💕

What do you want?

What is still important at this point?

What still lights your soul on fire? 💥

This year is asking us to dig deep and really decide, what’s important? What is worth fighting for?

Who are we really? As a mom/dad, person, professional, neighbor, son/daughter, mentor, creative compassionate being?

Have some conversations with your self and your besties. Figure that stuff out. Those of us who do, will be happier, more productive, innovative ~ we will bounce back the quickest. And, it will be sustainable. We are being asked to make some serious conscious choices. About who we are and what kind of world we want. 🎯

Have some serious conversations with yourself. And then call me. 📞 415-419-1781  I want to know what you came up with. Call your bestie. Call your clients. Ask them what they want/need. Where do they still have the bandwidth to dream? Where do they have Hope?

And create something new.

2020 isn’t over yet. Yes, it has punched the hell out of many of us. But it ain’t over yet.

It is TIME. To pull our heads out of the overwhelm and apathy and ‘what the hell is next’ mentality and build something new. Something that makes us proud and serves our communities. Something Better.

Chalk message

I have heard of so many individuals having a really great year. Crushing goals. In spite of it all. Nothing like a crisis to help you focus.

Growth happens under pressure. On the fringes of what is familiar. Let’s find ways to support each other and grow and learn from each other. If you haven’t had a One to One with me in months, let’s connect. Likely, both our worlds have changed. Let’s get familiar again.

Target markets, offerings, our personal brand, our focus… Things shift. What do you need? How can I support you? What do you still want to accomplish this year? Let’s do some visioning and strategizing!

Let’s define a new dream for the rest of this year.

Are you with me?

Angela, The #LinkedInBadass

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend. Have some conversations with yourself.

Happy September!


Angela Dunz is the Introverts Guide to LinkedIn. If you feel awkward and apprehensive about promoting your business on LinkedIn, that is a good sign. You have the potential to reach your Ideal Audience in an authentic & effective way. You care. It matters to you. Simple strategies to get started are the beginning. Have courage and get started!

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