Clean Up Your Storefront, First

Old storefront

Lead Generation is what everyone wants. Working on your own profile seems to have no interest for anyone. Me included. I would love to hire someone to do mine for me.

There is no magic bullet for Lead Generation.

But one thing I have learned in over 5 years of doing this every day – Clean your own storefront first. You can do all the fancy, expensive, “sure to convert” lead generation you want. Buy any number of expensive systems and programs.

If your profile is a mess, forget about the time and energy you just spent.

Keep it simple

I had a client last year, He insisted on showing me every message he sent to potential and old clients. He wanted to know what he was doing wrong. No one called, No one responded. No referrals. No new business.

His profile didn’t include his current business. It did not have even the basics. It said, loud and clear, “I don’t care!” “I’m NOT open for business!”

In fact, when I checked the link to his website, I found it had been hacked. It was hosting something else. That’s how long it had been since he even opened it.

Real professional.

It isn’t rocket science.

If your profile doesn’t even list your current title and business, and explain it in a clear way, speaking directly to your target audience – why should they care? You don’t.

You can post 3 times a day. On weekends, too. If you aren’t saying the right thing, if your profile is careless mess, you will not convert, you will not get leads, and in fact – you have done yourself a great deal of harm by killing your reputation.

“I don’t want to do the work – just give me your money.” That is what you are saying. You may get an accidental client or 2. Yeah. But a sustainable stream of the right clients takes intention and care.

It takes strategy. It takes objective thinking. Ask you clients what they love about your service. About you. Speak directly to your clients. Provide massive value.

So. What happened to my client? After his website got hacked, he really got it. Sometimes it takes something shocking. Or, desperation. A wake up call. We worked on his profile. We completely updated his website. Why not? He created a landing page. He cleaned up his whole house. Even the attic.

We worked on new images and refined his target market. We upgraded his focus and language and messaging. It didn’t take that much. Just commitment. Just intention. He’s back in business. Feeling more confident and optimistic than ever. He’s talking about working half time and being very particular about who he says yes to. He’s living on an island in Greece running a virtual business with a steady stream.

It’s great to hear the new tone, clarity and elation in his voice.

LinkedIn users are becoming very savvy. They are holding you to a higher standard. They want to work with only the best. Competition is fierce. Keep your message simple. Have your profile open, polished and ready for business.

Go. Clean up your storefront.

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Angela Dunz

Angela Dunz is a LinkedIn Consultant, Strategist, Author and Public Speaker. She has a very creative and dynamic approach to using LinkedIn for Lead Generation. Anyone can throw up a profile. What matters is how you use it and what it says about you. She believes without a strategy, you are just doing more busy work. Who has time for that? She has also written and contributed to curricula for Entrepreneurs. Workshops include: Co Generational Communication and Collaboration in the Workplace, The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make on LinkedIn (and How to Fix Them) and Lead Generation on LinkedIn in 15 Minutes a Day. Angela is very active speaking around the Bay area on LinkedIn, Social Selling and Alternative Leadership Styles.

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