Are you ready to take a Risk?


Taking no risks = the biggest risk of all

If you’re a Risk Manager, you don’t want to hear things like that. For the rest of us, we just might scroll past a post like that, quickly.

Who wants to take risks right now?

And, what if we don’t? 

Starting your business was a huge risk. Starting a new job is a risk. Moving cross country is a risk. Going to the grocery store has risk.

We pick our risks. And right now, our ‘risk-aversion’ is at an all time high.

Think back to anything in your life that filled you with pride, lit up your soul, provided intense joy. There was challenge and fear and risk involved.

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Ask anyone that just left the Tokyo Olympics. Everything they went through, was it worth it? I don’t know too many Olympic athletes. That is a distinction all its own.

The ones I do know, would not hesitate to say, they’d do it all again, with more commitment and more sacrifice if they could.

Accomplishment, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, are on the other side of risk.

We get to choose. 

I’m so afraid of heights. I fell from the top our silo when I was 6. That feeling of falling uncontrollably backwards – I thought I was dead. But no lie, I landed on a cow. She was quite put out, but she saved me. I landed on my knees. The other choice was cement from 40 feet.

When some friends asked if I wanted to try climbing, I said, “Hell no!” about the first 30 X’s. And, then, Scott asked. The guy is a Chuck Norris doppelganger, and the sweetest, most conscientious guy I know. Still works at Penzy’s Spices.

It gave me pause, when he asked, and I said yes. He encouraged me and complimented me and coached me. And something shifted.

I spent 20 – 30 years of my life obsessed with climbing. The absolute thrill of overcoming a deep fear gets me every time. There is an adrenalin rush when you do something you thought you couldn’t. It’s addicting.

What else can I do that I thought I couldn’t?!

My inner climbing circle had a motto – “Face your fears daily.”

And we always said it with a wink and a smile. Like a dare. Just before we did something your mother would never approve of and doesn’t want to know.

I wonder, is that bravado still alive? Is that mojo? Can I resurrect it? Couldn’t you use a little extra mojo right now?

“What are you afraid of?”

Fear is not a good characteristic for a climbing guide.

I learned to trust the gear. The anchors, the rope, my knots, my partner, my next move, the harness.

The photo above is of me on Devil’s Tower. I did multi-pitch and aiding. Crazy stuff. I can’t talk of those days and not smile from my soul. I want that thrill again.

So, what are we afraid of now?

Fear of failure should be laughable. We have made it this far through a global pandemic. Some of us still have our sense of humor. Hope is expanding.

Fear doesn’t get to win.

Neither does the pandemic.

Go scare yourself. and, Tell me how it goes!

We can do hard things and win. 

Where is your growing edge right now? Push a little harder today. Take a risk for yourself, for your business, for your self-esteem, for the kind of future you want to be a part of. It’s time to grow and live and live large again.

Have a great week!

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