Always be List Building


Why do I say that?

And I can’t be more serious. ALWAYS be building your list.

I am sharing a super resource from Mary Sue Dahill, Founder & CEO of Work Smarter Digital, the CRM I use. She shares 7 Reasons, And, 3 Tips to start building your list.

We have seen a lot of changes in the last year and a half. We will see many more before we sip New Year’s champaign.

LinkedIn is accelerating their push to monetize – taking away key features from both paid and free LinkedIn. I have friends and acquaintances that lost a majority of their business when FB changes their business model and algorithms.

The same could happen to any social media channel. You could lose it all.

You can never lose your list. It’s yours. (so back it up)

No matter what happens in this crazy world, your list is yours, you own it. Those are your people. If you want a consistent pipeline that you control, build your list. 

People RARELY make purchasing decisions from social media.

Awareness, credibility, loyalty. That’s what your building there.

Inviting people to your list is where possibilities expand. 

So, let’s talk about the #1 myth and dispel it –

You have to have a Lead Magnet to grow your list. 


I started my list with 57 people last July, during the pandemic. I still have no Lead Magnet and 500+ names on my list.

There are many ways to grow your list. Mary Sue’s List Building 101 also has a PDF, 20 Ways to Build Your Mailing List. 

Master Classes have been an excellent method for me. People get to experience your awesomeness firsthand. They get to sample your amazing materials and gain value. And, then – they tell their friends.

Build your business on a solid foundation. Build your list.

Have an old list with 100’s of ‘dead’ prospects? Do a list cleanup with an awesome incentive for them to revive their interest. Use Video to invite them to re-engage.

What is your strategy for end of year? 

Brainstorm some ways to build your list.

Brainstorm some Lead Magnet Ideas.

Plan your first Master Class.

You know what I’m going to say next… Video, Video, Video! 

Schedule a Strategy Session with me if you need support

Give Mary Sue’s List Building 101 and 20 Ways to Build Your Mailing List a read. Really great info. More than enough to get you started OR, re-inspire you to get back at it!

A list is a huge asset. Build your business’s worth and grow your income.

Happy List Building!


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