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Would you like to be a Badass on LinkedIn? (even though you might be an introvert) Then you are in the right place.

For the past 8 years, I have built my vibrant (and super fun) business without a website. Yes, I just launched this one and it’s my first ever. (I’m still not convinced I need it!)

I have been using Basic (Free) LinkedIn exclusively to build my business. And, I’ve been helping Coaches, Consultants, Financial Services Professionals, Attorneys and other Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs do the same.

So, I’m Curious:

  • Is your LinkedIn Presence strong enough to attract and convert your Ideal Audience?
  • Do you feel awkward or ‘salesy’ when promoting your business on LinkedIn?
  • Do you love your LinkedIn Profile?
  • And, is it an engaging representation of what you do and who you are professionally?
  • Will your LinkedIn Profile spark a conversation?
  • Does it speak directly to your Ideal Audience and their secret desires?

Your LinkedIn Profile is often the first impression people have of you as a professional. You want your Ideal Audience to be moved and impressed. You want to create trust and credibility, as well as provide resources.

If you would like to be a Badass on LinkedIn, I can help.

My focus is on –

  1. Professional Branding & Profile Optimization. Strong Brands Convert – Weak Brands Confuse. If you want inbound interest in what you do and conversations about how people can work with you, these 2 pieces must be clear and obvious. Optimization ensures you come up in the right searches, for the right opportunities. The Branding ensures, they want to work with you. There are 5.4 Million small business owners on LinkedIn. Are they looking for you? How will you stand out?
  2. Business Development & Lead Generation on LinkedIn. People are looking at your profile. Are you capturing those looks and creating connections and conversations that lead to possibilities? Lead Gen on LinkedIn is not ‘salesy.’ It is relationship based. 80% of all Social B2B leads come from LinkedIn.
  3. Driving Traffic to Your Website or a Landing Page. 52% of all Social traffic to websites comes from LinkedIn. Do you want some of that traffic?
  4. Content Consulting, Strategy and Management. Blogging Coaching. Once you have that strong profile and are well optimized for your audience, how will you stay top of mind? A simple Content Strategy may be all you need to be more visible than your competition. If you like to write or are “content rich” you should be sharing content. “How-to” posts and videos are still the #1 performers in the newsfeed on LinkedIn. Claim some organic reach.
  5. Video Strategy & Scripting. Video is the #1 way to be visible on LinkedIn. 59% of Executives would rather watch a video than read text. One video per week can do amazing things for your business. Get the help you need, get started and get the right message out.

Are you ready to take a few risks and dare to be who you really are on LinkedIn?

Are you ready to shift self-promotion to an act of service?

Are you an intentional business ready to amp up your impact and change the world?

Then you might be ready to truly be a Badass on LinkedIn.

And I would like to meet you.

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